Carriage House Custom Crafted Doors

Custom Carriage House garage doors take the ever-popular Carriage House design style and incorporate a distinctive decorative touch that delivers an even more striking visual effect. IDEAL Door offers an assortment of custom crafted wood, wood-look and steel Carriage House garage doors that will enhance your home’s curb appeal without sacrificing quality or durability.

No wonder IDEAL Door has been the preferred residential garage door provider for homeowners, architects and construction professionals for more than 50 years!

You’ll Find Custom Carriage House-Style Residential Garage Doors Made From Insulated Steel

We offer four-layer custom Carriage House doors that combine the high-end look of wood with the unmatched strength, durability and low maintenance of steel. The design consists of a steel-insulation-steel-composite overlay construction that ensures maximum longevity and energy efficiency. The steel base door’s natural wood grain texture and polyester top coat provide an attractive, long-lasting finish.

Most of our doors also include our revolutionary Intellicore® insulation technology — a polyurethane foam that provides noise reduction, promotes energy efficiency and enhances strength.

Custom Crafted Steel

If you like the high-end look of wood carriage-house style garage doors but still want the benefits of a durable, low-maintenance, insulated steel garage door, consider the Custom Crafted Steel.

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5-Layer Custom Crafted Wood-Look

Our 5-layer custom wood-look doors feature Intellicore® steel-insulation-steel cladding overlay design for exceptional energy efficiency. Choose from multiple window/section options, styles and finishes to customize the look for your door. Available cladding materials include Clear Cypress, Pecky Cypress and Mahogany. You can also select from four alluring colors for the door base and an assortment of decorative hardware options to add the perfect finishing touches.

These high-quality steel wood-look garage doors come with a five-year limited warranty for your protection and peace of mind.

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4-Layer Custom Crafted Wood-Look

Our 4-layer custom wood-look doors include rugged Ultra-Grain® steel that delivers unparalleled durability in even the most challenging environmental conditions. The advanced Intellicore® insulation produces a warmer garage while also reducing noise and featuring twice the strength of polystyrene material.

Many 4-layer custom wood-look door sizes also include heavy-duty EZ-SET® torsion springs; which are made for the DIY enthusiast in mind to make instal easier and faster.

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Custom Crafted Wood

If you want an authentic, custom-crafted wood door, IDEAL Door has you covered! Choose from high-quality wood materials including Hemlock, Redwood and Cedar. The two-layer construction includes decorative exterior wood panels bolstered by interior wood that provides additional strength and enhances the door’s beauty.

Select from six different base door designs and numerous window/top section options to create the perfect look that will complement your home’s décor.

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We Make Installing Carriage House Custom Crafted Doors Easy

If you’re not sure how to install wood/wood-look Carriage House garage doors, IDEAL Door can make the job so much easier. Our website is your portal to a host of helpful resources including installation manuals and videos, color-matching tips, measuring guidance and more.

A great place to start is by viewing our Residential DIY Installation Overview, which will introduce you to the basics of do-it-yourself garage door installation. If you want to see the best residential wood-look garage doors in person, stop by your nearby Menards store — the only place you’ll find IDEAL Door products for sale. You can also contact us directly for additional information.