Keyed Lock Sets

Keyed lock entry upgradeIf you operate a commercial or industrial establishment, keeping your goods, equipment and work areas secure is always a concern. A high-quality garage door keyed lock set from IDEAL Door will protect your facility from intruders and can also help to prevent internal and vendor theft. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your facility is as safe and secure as possible on a 24/7 basis.

What Is Included With a Keyed Lock Set?

Our keyed lock sets for commercial garage doors come as comprehensive kits that include everything you need to keep your dock and receiving areas secure around the clock. You get a locking T-handle that is easy to operate, along with two keys and all essential hardware including brackets, cables, nuts and bolts. The kit is constructed from rugged galvanized steel that will stand the test of time, even in the most challenging climate conditions and work environments.

Our Keyed Lock Sets Are Designed for Fast, Easy Installation

As with our door products, our keyed lock sets for commercial garage doors are simple to install — you can even complete the project yourself instead of hiring a professional. Just drill holes in the center of the door to accommodate the T-handle. Run the cables from side to side, with the snap latch locking them securely on either side.

Order Your Keyed Lock Set for Commercial Garage Doors Today

Don’t take chances with something as important to the protection of your business establishment as the security of your garage doors. Visit your nearest Menards for a closer look at our high-quality garage door keyed lock sets today. Feel free to contact us directly for more information about our keyed lock sets and other premium garage door products.