Signs of the Need for Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs must be properly balanced to operate efficiently, and they can experience a reduction in tension over time. Signs that can indicate the need for a garage door spring repair or replacement include:

  • Door Opens and Closes Too Slowly: A broken spring can prevent an electric door opener’s motor from reaching top speed, so a slowly moving door could be a symptom of a spring issue.
  • Excessive Noise: A noisy door often means the springs are straining and need to be replaced.
  • Door Stopping: Many motorized garage door openers are equipped with a force adjustment feature as a safety caution that will stop the door from moving after a few inches if a spring is broken.
  • Door Appears Crooked: If your garage door looks crooked or improperly aligned, it could mean a spring on one side of the door has broken is preventing the door from rolling evenly along the tracks.